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The inauguration of Roberto Duailibi at the Academia Paulista de Letras
On August the 20th, the advertising executive Roberto Duailibi will become a member of the Academia Paulista de Letras. He will take the Chair 21, which belonged to the criminal lawyer Paulo José da Costa Junior. Author of several books, Duailibi says he is thrilled. "As the poet Ferreira Goulart told, although he expected his initiation after being indicated to ABL due to what he heard from scholars, at the inauguration his excitement was intense. It became something not only possible, but real".

Roberto Duailibi, a brilliant and many times awarded copywriter, founded with José Zaragoza and Francesc Petit the legendary company DPZ, current DPZ&T, after merging with Taterka.

In addition to his work as copywriter for over 60 years, Duailibi has been in love with texts, in different contexts and possibilities. Excellent speaker and lecturer, Duailibi was Writing professor at the Communications and Arts School of the University of São Paulo. Nowadays, he writes for several newspapers. He is the author of Duailibi das Citações; Duailibi Essencial; Criatividade e Marketing; Phrase Book, Duailibi Ideias Poderosas (Negócios, Inteligência e Felicidade), Cartas a um Jovem Publicitário. He created the best digital database of quotations in Portuguese, the application "Duailibi das Citações”, available for iOS and Android devices. The collection was initiated over 40 years ago to inspire writers. Duailibi ed good-humored and concise phrases that could inspire good titles and ads.

The ad executive and new member of Academia Paulista de Letras will be greeted by the scholar and Maestro Julio Medaglia and welcomed by the current president, Gabriel Chalita.

Academia Paulista de Letras has currently 40 members and Duailibi will have as colleagues people such as Ignácio de Loyola Brandão, Ruth Rocha, Paulo Bomfim, Lygia Fagundes Telles and Antônio Ermírio de Moraes, among others.

More info:
Inauguration of Roberto Duailibi at the Academia Paulista de Letras
August 20, 2015, 7 PM, at APL main office, Largo do Arouche, São Paulo.


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