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Leaks show Lebanese authorities sought spyware
Leaks disclosed by hackers show correspondence with the intelligence branch of the Lebanese Army, General Security and the Cyber Crimes and Intellectual Properties Bureau - all seeking to purchase Galileo, a remote control system. (Photo: AP Photo/David Becker)
Lebanon on brink of chaos
Lebanon teetered on the edge of total chaos Sunday night as anti-government protests in Downtown Beirut descended into riots, rattling the Cabinet and leaving at least 50 demonstrators and security forces injured. (Photo: Hasan Shaaban)
A virtual space for modern Lebanese art
The Lebanese art museum, a project that has been in the making for decades, has finally been realised - albeit in digital form. (Photo: "Face" by Jibran Khalil Jibran - 1910)
14 amazing places to visit in Lebanon that aren’t Beirut, Baalbek or Byblos
Unfortunately, a lot of tourists miss out on some of the most interesting and unique sites and activities Lebanon has to offer, sticking to a relatively routine travel plan. Well, Lebanon definitely has a lot more to offer. Here are 14 of the coolest places to visit in Lebanon that are a bit off the beaten path. (Photo: Jason Lemon)
The inauguration of Roberto Duailibi at the Academia Paulista de Letras
On August the 20th, the advertising executive Roberto Duailibi will become a member of the Academia Paulista de Letras. He will take the Chair 21, which belonged to the criminal lawyer Paulo José da Costa Junior. Author of several books, Duailibi says he is thrilled. "As the poet Ferreira Goulart told, although he expected his initiation after being indicated to ABL due to what he heard from schol ...
Ohio Valleys Lebanese Heritage Celebrated at Mahrajan
One of the longest-running events at Oglebay and Sunday, the Mahrajan Lebanese Heritage Festival was held once again, just like it has been every year since the 1930s.
British ambassador to Lebanon signs off with viral blog post
"Guns, greed and God. Game of Thrones with RPGs. Human rights and hummus rights," writes Tom Fletcher, Her Majestys Ambassador to Lebanon, in final blog entry. (Photo: The Telegraph)
Don’t Call Us the Lebanese Kardashians: Abdelaziz Sisters Stir Up the Arab World
Reality TV series in Lebanon about fashionable young trio attracts and divides viewers. (Photo: Dalia Khamissy for Wall Street Journal)
Deal reached to end Lebanons garbage crisis
Government officials managed to reach a deal to end a severe garbage crisis which has choked residents of Beirut and Mount Lebanon over the past week, Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk said Monday night. (Photo: Mohammad Azaki)
Indian and Lebanese community meet to break down barriers in Sydney’s west
In a suburban backyard in Sydney’s west, two communities with a fraught history came together. (Photo: Adam Taylor).
Brazilians learn about their origins in Lebanon
In a trip organized by a Maronite priest, group with 30 people fulfilled an itinerary in the Arab country. Their goal is to know their family roots, besides the local daily life. Last week, they visited a university.
On 18th Birthday, Nobel Winner Malala Opens School for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, celebrated her 18th birthday in Lebanon on Sunday by opening a school for Syrian refugee girls and called on world leaders to invest in "books not bullets." (Photo: Efe)
Middle Eastern fest in the USA puts spotlight on Lebanese yogurt
To the millions and millions of Greek yogurt fans out there, Julie Ann Sageer has a message: "If you like Greek yogurt, youre going to absolutely fall in love with Lebanese yogurt" (Photo: Julie Ann Sageer - Don Cazentre).
Presidential deadlock now longest in Lebanese history
Lebanon’s presidential deadlock breaks a record Tuesday, surpassing the length of the two similar crises that have plagued the country since independence. (Photo: The Daily Star - Mohammad Azakir)
Spending the summer in Lebanon
Despite the regions insecurities, Lebanon is still expecting tourism this summer, and for those visiting and locals alike there are plenty of options to visit beyond the obvious tourist attractions. The Daily Star has put together a list of five places and events to check out in Lebanon this summer. (Photo: The Garten)
Tourism grows in Lebanon despite tension
Lebanon is experiencing growth in tourism despite the myriad of political problems, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon said Monday. (Photo: Michel Pharaon - file/The Daily Star)
French festival honors Syrian and Lebanese authors
The organizers of le Marathon des mots know it has never been a more important time for the public to hear what authors from Syria and Lebanon have to say.
EU, Lebanon sign $38M donation package
A high-ranking European Union official met with Prime Minister Tammam Salam Wednesday after signing an agreement for the EU to make two donations to Lebanon totaling 34 million euros ($38.13 million). (Photo: Johannes Hahn - AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov)
Angelina Jolie makes brief, unannounced visit to Lebanon
Hollywood actress and human rights campaigner Angelina Jolie made a brief visit to the Bekaa Valley in east Lebanon Friday to introduce her 9-year-old daughter to a Syrian refugee child. (Photo: AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID)
Lebanon receives $180M loan for water project in south
Lebanon signed a loan agreement Tuesday with two Arab funds worth $180 million to finance a much-needed project to provide water to the south. (Photo: njaj)
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