The research to study the Duailibi Family (with different spellings) in Brazil began in the 1970s. From a professional experience that applied the concept of Social Networks studied in the Sociology and Politics School, the advertising executive Roberto Duailibi decided to send forms to Duailibis that he knew and ask them to indicate other relatives. A journalist was hired and the research started.

At first, the intention was to find out where the relatives are and allow them to know each other, even living in different regions. After the forms were filled, interviews were made. Duailibi realized that his research did not only find his relatives, but also showed the history of the Lebanese immigration to Brazil.

A researcher was hired to go to Lebanon and extend the research on the origin of the Ds. Books, pictures, maps and artworks related to the subject were purchased by the executive in travels and, therefore, the collection began to grow.

In July 1997 the FamilyD Study Center was created, and since then this work has gained strength and recognition. In addition to a library, the Study Center has a staff that comprises researchers and specialists in digital communication to allow that all that knowledge is available to the family and to researchers in real time. The website FamilyD.net and the related profiles in social networks became a reference on the history of Lebanon and the Lebanese immigration to Brazil, leading to collaborations with many journals and books and with cultural events.

In our website, we will regularly post new pieces of the collection, such as maps, artworks, book reviews and other materials, explaining part of history. Access FamilyD.net, send us your questions or content suggestions. Your participation is always welcomed!

Roberto Duailibi
project conception
Célia Tonon
Denise Crispim

content manager
Ana Paula Feliciano
Daniella Valenti
art director

The Center conducts researches on the Family’s history as well as studies on related issues, including migratory movements and the preservation of the Lebanese culture and legacy. The Center also hosts exhibits in association with museums, other historical research institutions and universities.

Historical Research:

During fifteen years, Professor Clarice Rangel conducted the Center’s historical research, which has been made by the historian Sabrina Moura in the last years.

Organization: Sylvia Josefina Duailibi and Roberto Duailibi
Journalist: Denise Crispim
Librarian: Maria Célia Tonon
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Webmaster: Ana Paula Feliciano
Content manager: Giovanna Ramalho

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Monitored Visits
FamilyD Study Center is located in Morumbi, a district of São Paulo, and is open for scheduled visits to all who are interested in enjoying our collection.

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