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Meet the 6 Young Lebanese On Forbes 30 Under 30 List For 2019
These young high-achievers are gracing the 2019 edition of Forbes Middle East 30 Under 30.

The Profit host Marcus Lemonis sobs during a visit to the Lebanese orphanage he lived in
The Profit host Marcus Lemonis broke down in sobs during a visit to the Lebanese orphanage where he lived as a baby before being adopted and brought to America. (Photo: CNBC)

Decades on, families of Lebanon´s war missing see hope
As Lebanon marks 44 years since the start of its civil war over the weekend, families whose loved ones disappeared during the conflict hope they might finally get some answers. (Photo: Hassan Ammar)

Lebanon urges Syria to lower trade tariffs
Syrian roads are vital to Lebanese trade, instead of the high cost of air cargo or shipping by sea. (Photo: AlJazeera)


Lebanon elections: Voting with a disability
Author and teacher Jinan has defied all obstacles in Lebanon, where disability largely remains a taboo subject.

Jinan has been protesting for better accessibility at polling stations in Lebanons 2018 General Election.

Video journalist: Eloise A
Crossing Divides: Lebanons civil war veterans fight for peace
In Lebanon, a group of ex-fighters from opposing sides in the countrys deadly civil war is trying to foster a peaceful future.
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