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The Countess of Wessex makes her first royal visit to Lebanon to meet refugees and women’s organisations
It is a cause close to her heart.

Lebanon Plans to Digitalize Its Economy!
Government action is being implemented to take Lebanon into the modern digital world. (Photo: National News Agency)

Jennifer Lopez Loves Wearing Lebanese-Designed Outfits
Jennifer Lopez is currently embarking on her “It’s My Party” tour and she is blowing us away with her fabulous outfits.

Lebanese band Mashrou Leila releases its first English song
The band addresses military oppression and brutality in a heart-wrenching new music video. (Photo: Burak Cingi / Redferns / Getty Images)


Lebanon elections: Voting with a disability
Author and teacher Jinan has defied all obstacles in Lebanon, where disability largely remains a taboo subject.

Jinan has been protesting for better accessibility at polling stations in Lebanons 2018 General Election.

Video journalist: Eloise A
Crossing Divides: Lebanons civil war veterans fight for peace
In Lebanon, a group of ex-fighters from opposing sides in the countrys deadly civil war is trying to foster a peaceful future.
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