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More Venezuelans Immigrate to Lebanon As Crisis Escalates
Although there is a long history of migration from Lebanon to Venezuela, that flow has been increasingly reversing as Venezuelans with Lebanese roots leave the South American nation to flee its economic and politica ...

Lebanon preparing for military operation near Syria border
Lebanon is preparing a military operation to secure a lawless section of the border with Syria, Prime Minister Saad Hariri told parliament on Tuesday. (Photo: AFP)

The wistful daydreams of Lebanons forgotten soldiers
An old militia barracks covered in old posters offers an intimate look at the hopes and desires of Lebanons military men. (Photo: Tanya Traboulsi)

Lebanons history in one building: The Palmyra Hotel
The hotel is a relic that bears testament to almost 150 years of local, regional and global events. (Photo: India Stoughton)


About Family D Study Center
Advertising executive Roberto Duailibi maintains a center for studies on immigration that records the origins and stories of the Duailibi family.
The 18 Religions That Make Up Lebanons Government
How does the Lebanese government function and stay united with so many different religious sects?
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