Lebanon history starts with the history of Mankind, as the human presence in that area exists since Paleolithic Age, an era whose origins are lost in the mists of time and lasts until 12000 BC. At that time, people lived in caves and were part of an uncivilized social organization based on tribes and herds. Two facts characterized Paleolithic Age: The discovery of fire and word pronunciation.

Paleolithic Age
 (Up to the urban civilization period - 3200-3000 BC)

Phoenician Age
 (3000-2500 BC - 148 BC)

Monotheism Expansion
(63 BC-330 AD – 1293)

Ottoman Presence in the Area
(1516 - 1918)

Independent Lebanon
(1920 - 1973)

15 Years of Civil War
(1975 - 1990)

Reconstructed Lebanon
(1992 - 1998)

21st Century
(2000 - 2013)

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