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Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten
Around the crime scenes in south Beirut and central Paris alike, a sense of shock and sadness lingered into the weekend, with cafes and markets quieter than usual. (Photo: Wael Hamzeh)
Lebanon arrests 11 over Beirut bombings
Lebanon has arrested 11 people, mostly Syrians, over last weeks Beirut bombings that killed 44 people, an attack whose original target was a hospital, officials said on Sunday. (Photo: Joseph Eid)
Lebanon presidential election adjourned to Dec. 2
Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri Wednesday adjourned a presidential election vote to Dec. 2 due to lack of quorum. (Photo: Mohammad Azakir)
Meet the Artist Blending Fact and Fiction in Lebanese History
The Lebanese born, New York based artist is currently having the first American survey of his work at MoMA, highlighting in particular two pivotal projects of the artist’s 25 year career, The Atlas Group (1989-2004) and Scratching on things I could disavow (2007-ongoing). (Photo: Julieta Cervantes)
Lebanese entrepreneur invents smart lighter to help quit smoking
A rodeo-esque tune rings out as Samer El Gharib is speaking. “Oh, this is how it notifies me to smoke,” said the founder and CEO of Slighter, a smart lighter intended to help smokers quit their habit in 100 days. (Photo: The Daily Star)
Flooding causes road closures in Beiruts southern suburbs
Beirut’s suburbs flooded with rainwater Wednesday and manholes spouted sewage, indicating that the government had taken no action to clear sewage networks before the rainy season
Only in Lebanon
31 things foreigners just can’t understand. (Photo: Christine Saddy)
Modern Garden Flat in Lebanon Showcases Designer Furnishings
Beirut-based interior design studio Roland Helou Design (ROHD) is the creative team behind this ground-floor garden flat in Lebanon. Conceived for a professional young couple, the contemporary apartment stretches over 3,229 square feet in a building in Rabieh, Beirut’s most affluent suburb. (Photo: Roland Helou Design)
Homeland’s portrayal of Lebanon is damagingly misleading
Fox 21 Television Studios, the makers of the geopolitical spy thriller Homeland, now in its fifth season, have decided that it’s once again OK to insult Lebanon. “It’s a war zone,” screams a swivel-eyed Claire Danes, who plays Carrie Mathison. (Photo: David Bloomer)
Your Mom Is Lebanese If...
When experts, researchers and thinkers go through long debates to determine what is keeping Lebanon together, one and only one answer can explain how years of war and corruption failed to break apart this educated life loving society. This answer lies in one person: The Lebanese Mom!
Lebanese Christian leader presses for elections in rally attended by thousands of supporters
Lebanons Christian leader is pressing the countrys political elite to pass a parliamentary electoral law and elect a president as thousands of his supporters gathered on a road leading to the empty presidential palace. (Photo: Hassan Ammar)
Valerie Abou Chacra elected Miss Lebanon 2015
Twenty-three-year-old Valerie Abou Chacra was crowned late Monday Miss Lebanon 2015, after beating out 13 other contestants in a competitive night of song and dance. (Photo: Mohammad Azakir)
Lebanon trash committee to thaw obstacles: official
Talks are ongoing with concerned officials and figures to terminate the obstacles impeding the implementation of the waste management plan, an expert said. (Photo: The Daily Star)
U-17 starlets boosting Lebanese womens game
When a group of women university students met in the Lebanese capital Beirut in 1997 to form the Mediterranean country’s first women’s football team, it perhaps would not have occurred to any of them that, 18 years following their meeting, one of their country’s women’s national teams would make history. (Photo: FIFA)
Hague court clears Lebanese journalist
A Lebanese TV journalist and her station have been cleared of obstructing justice by a UN-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (Photo: Reuters)
A Lebanese university student created an eco-friendly beach mat that charges phones and keeps drinks cool
A Lebanese university student has designed a new eco-friendly mat to help beach-goers charge their phone and keep their beverages chilled while sunbathing.
David Cameron stresses Middle East solution to refugee crisis
After weeks of pressure on Britain to step up its efforts in Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since the second world war, David Cameron on Monday travelled to Lebanon to see the effects of UK aid for Syrians, arguing that acting in the Middle East, rather than via the EU, would prevent “hundreds of thousands” of refugees from fleeing westwards. (Photo: Stefan Rousseau)
Sandstorm hits Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan
At least two people in Lebanon have died after a sandstorm engulfed parts of the country as well as regions of Syria, Israel and Jordan. (Photo: Bassam Khabieh)
Center in Lebanon to certify proficiency in Portuguese
The Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center will apply the Celpe-Bras test, which attests mastery of the Portuguese language, from April 2016. In October, the organization starts offering a prep course for the exam. (Photo: moggara12)
Lebanon fails to elect president again as protesters escalate anti-government campaigns
Lebanons divided government appears powerless to address a growing protest campaign that began with frustration over rubbish collection and has ballooned into anger at a stagnant and corrupt political class. (Photo: Aziz Taher)
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